Guide to Land Investment in Fresno CA

There is an amazing potential with Land Investment in Fresno that many investors never tap into! When it comes to real estate investment, land is often times the overlooked step-child. Learn more about land investment and strategy in our latest post!

There are many reasons to get into Land Investment in Fresno. It can be an excellent way to begin investing or as a way to diversify an already robust portfolio. People from all parts of the country and in all income brackets are turning to land as a stable and limited resource. Is it right for you? Learn more below!

Guide to Land Investment in Fresno CA

Land is Low Maintenance

There isn’t much you have to do when owning a piece of land. Maybe some landscaping so weeds don’t get out of control, but otherwise, it basically just sits there. You wouldn’t want to buy a $5,000 lot only to find you will be paying $20,000 (over time) to have water ran to it.

Easy to Get Started

Do your homework and you should be able to find something for only a few thousand dollars. Learn about the market and see what lots are going for. Are there seasonal trends? What does future population growth look like? Are there development plans or changes in zoning on the radar?

Why Is It For Sale?

Not all land is the same. Plots of land in one neighborhood might be impacted by completely different environmental factors. Protected animals might live on your lot and not your neighbors. This can inhibit your ability to build, thus lowering the value of the land. Maybe there are oil tanks in the ground or frequent flooding problems from the creek nearby. Make sure you learn as much as possible about the lot before making a purchase!

What’s Your Strategy?

Flip It – You can do this by finding unlisted deals or directly contacting the owners of lots that appear to be overgrown and forgotten. The land may have been purchased long ago, and all but forgotten about until it’s time to pay property taxes. By reaching out to owners directly, you will be able to create a relationship and possibly take unwanted real estate off their hands. When contacting any property owner, always be respectful and respect their privacy. You should then market the property to retail buyers. People who want to build a home on the site for themselves, etc.

Buy And Hold – Land is an excellent investment to buy and hold. It will typically appreciate over time and is very simple to maintain. Your primary expense will be property taxes which are significantly lower than taxes on a home.

Lease It – Another option when owning land is to lease it to a party that has a use for it. This translates into almost 100% for you. Some interested parties might be farmers, hunters or a nearby business looking for parking.

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